Greening Sacred Spaces

Greening Sacred Spaces is a practical program to assist faith communities in taking actions to create more sustainable, energy efficient places of worship and to educate their communities about ecological issues.


The Green Rule

Poster with sayings from many of the world's great religious & spiritual traditions, showing that at their core all have an awareness of the sacredness of creation. Study guide available.

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People's Climate March - September 21 NYC

The United Nations is holding a one-day Climate Summit at UN Headquarters in New York City on the 23rd of September.  Leaders of the world’s governments will gather to discuss the dire urgency of the climate crisis and to seek to build momentum towards an international climate treaty. The People's Climate March, on September 21st, offers people of all faiths with a vitally important opportunity to demonstrate their support for such a treaty.

Our friends at GreenFaith are coordinating a variety of faith based activities and gatherings during the March. Stay up to date on their plans here.



ClimateFast 2014

Many climate events are taking place in Ottawa from Sept 28 - Oct 2nd. Visit for information.




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2014 Sacred Water Circle Gathering

The 2014 Sacred Water Circle Gathering hosted a Ceremony of the Arts presentation, an evening celebration of song, dance and film offered to the Spiritual Elders and Community Leaders in gratitude for sharing their knowledge with the gathering participants.


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