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Halton and region

Halton and region
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People's Climate March - September 21 NYC

The United Nations is holding a one-day Climate Summit at UN Headquarters in New York City on the 23rd of September.  Leaders of the world’s governments will gather to discuss the dire urgency of the climate crisis and to seek to build momentum towards an international climate treaty. The People's Climate March, on September 21st, offers people of all faiths with a vitally important opportunity to demonstrate their support for such a treaty.

Our friends at GreenFaith are coordinating a variety of faith based activities and gatherings during the March. Stay up to date on their plans here.



ClimateFast 2014

Many climate events are taking place in Ottawa from Sept 28 - Oct 2nd. Visit for information.




Greening Sacred Spaces is also on Facebook and Youtube! Find our blog posts here.





GSS Blog
"All of us are called to be stewards of creation"

Congratulations to St John's-by-the-Lake in Grand Bend! They recently received Medium Green Certification through our new certification program. What's their motivation for greening?


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